11 Famous Diamonds from History

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11 Famous Diamonds from History

The public’s fascination with royal diamond jewelry is as strong today as ever. There is a sense of awe at the value, the rarity and the physical manifestation of history in Jewels.


1.11 Famous Diamonds from HistoryKoh-i-Noor Diamond, 105.6 carats (21.12 g), British Crown Jewels, The Kōh-i Nūr Diamond, meaning “Mountain of Light” . Was found in India and once thought as the largest Diamond in the world. Became part of the British Crown Jewels when Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India in 1877

2.11 Famous Diamonds from HistoryCullinan, 3,106.75 carats (about 1.4 pounds), is part of the British Crown Jewel the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever discovered.

The massive diamond was bought by the South African government and presented to British King Edward VII on his birthday. Cullinan produced stones of various cuts and sizes, the largest of which is named Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa, 530.4 carats, Cullinan II Star of Africa II, 317.4 carats Imperial State Crown.

3.11 Famous Diamonds from HistoryHope Diamond 45.52 carat, is in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC blue Hope Diamond to the naked eye because the number of traces of boron in the crystal structure, but exhibits a red phosphor under ultraviolet light and is part of our 11 Famous Diamonds From History.

The legend holds that the original form of the Hope Diamond was stolen from an eye of a sculpted idol of the Hindu goddess Sita and the specific legends about the Hope Diamond’s “cursed origin” were invented in the early 20th century to add mystique to the stone.

4.11 Famous Diamonds from History Tiffany Yellow Diamond, 287.42 carats, New York, one of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered. It was later sold to a New York jeweler name Charles Tiffany who had it cut into cushion shape. At the sale of the French Crown Jewels in 1887, Tiffany’s bought a great diamond necklace of Empress Eugénie.

5.11 Famous Diamonds from History Florentine Diamond, 137.27 carats, Anonymous, United States in 1920s was recut and sold. Know as the Austrian Yellow Diamond.It is believed that when the Royal family left to an exhale, they took the diamond to Switzerland. Eventually in 1920 Florentine arrived to Unites States.

6.The Sancy Diamond, 55.23 carats (11.046 g) Louvre, France

The Sancy has a distinctive pale lemon yellow coloration . Unfortunately, the diamond, which was carried by a trusted messenger of the king Henry IV, did not arrive at its destination. Instead, it was later found in the belly of the dead messenger, after an autopsy.

7.11 Famous Diamonds from HistoryHortensia diamond 20 carat pentagonal diamond. Louvre museum in Paris was added to the Crown Jewels of France by King Louis XIV and named after Hortense de Beauharnais, Queen of Holland and is part our 11 Famous Diamonds From History.

8.11 Famous Diamonds from History Regent diamond, a 410 carat stone (28.1g), Louvre Museum in Paris.

The Regent  was discovered in 1698 by a slave in an Indian Mine. The slave, who recognized the potential value of the Regent diamond, stole the precious stone and hid it inside of a large wound in his leg; however, an English sea captain witnessed this and subsequently stole the diamond from the slave. The Englishman then sold the diamond to an Indian merchant, who in turn sold it to Governor Thomas Pitt.

The Regent diamond is one of our 11 Famous Diamonds from History, sometimes referred to as the Pitt diamond, belonged to French royalty for many years, even serving as an adornment in the hat of Marie Antoinette.

9.11 Famous Diamonds from HistorySpoonmaker’s  Diamond, 86 carats (17.2g) Topkapi Palace Museum, Turkey. Also Known as the Kasikci. Rasid, the official historian of the ottoman court, describes it as thus:

“In the year 1669, a very poor man found a pretty stone in the rubbish heap of Egrikapi in Istanbul. He bartered it to a spoonmaker for three wooden spoons. The spoonmaker sold the stone to a jeweler for ten silver coins.

10.11 Famous Diamonds from HistoryOrlov Diamond 189.62 carats (37.924 g) Moscow KremlinThe Orlov (sometimes spelled Orloff) The Russian Imperial Sceptre was originally made for the coronation of Catherine II. Legend has it when the Emperor Napoleon of France and his invading military forces were nearing the city of Moscow during 1812, to protect the Orlov diamond from being found and taken back to France, it was hidden inside the tomb of a priest buried within the Kremlin.  



11. 11 Famous Diamonds from HistoryDaria-i-Noor 183 carat   Iranian Crown Jewels of Central Bank of Iran in Tehran Jewels, “Sea of light” in Persian.

Considered the most celebrated diamond in the Iranian Crown Jewels and one of the oldest known to man, the 186-carat Darya-i-noor is a crudely-fashioned, pink, table or taviz-cut diamond with a name that means river of light.

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