Birthstones Produced in Mines USA

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Birthstones Produced in Mines USA

Did you know that a diversity of gemstones are produced from mines thought-out the USA. Birthstones produced in Mines of USA they are 13 States.

Arizona in 2011, the state of Arizona led the United States in the production of gemstones. Arizona has long been famous as a producer of Turquoise (December Birthstone), Peridot (August Birthstone). Birthstones Produced in Mines USA have a long history of being produced, Amethyst (February Birthstone), Garnet (January Birthstone), Opal (0ctober Birthstone). Did you know Arizona has the only Amethyst  mine run commercially in the USA. Photo of Arizona Peaks mine area.


Birthstones Produced in Mines USA


Arkansas is Crater of Diamonds (April Birthstone)State Park, where anyone can pay a fee, look for diamonds, and keep any that are found. The site is an operating state park, and visitors usually find hundreds of small diamonds every year. There are several other fee mining areas in the state where you can pay a fee, look for minerals and keep what you find. Uncle Sam is the nickname for the largest diamond ever discovered in the United States. The diamond was named “Uncle Sam” after the nickname of its finder, Wesley Oley Basham, a worker at the Arkansas Diamond Corporation.

Birthstones Produced in Mines USA

     Crater of Diamonds State Park

California is widely known for its tourmaline (October Birthstone) and turquoise (December Birthstone) production. Native Americans were the first to treasure these minerals, and a commercial gemstone industry was active by the late 1800s.

Birthstones Produced in Mines USA

  Tourmaline San Diego, California

Colorado  include a variety of Birthstones Produced in Mines USA,  aquamarine (March Birthstone), Garnet (January Birthstone), Topaz(November), Tourmaline (October), Amethyst( February), Turquoise( December), Peridot.( August), Sapphire (September). A rough diamond(April) from Colorado was cut into a 16.87-carat stone. It is the largest cut diamond ever produced from United States rough.

Birthstones Produced in Mines USA

      Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine, Colorado

Idaho’s nickname is “The Gem State.” It has a long history of producing a variety of gem materials. Gems produced to date have been star Garnet (January)and Opal(October) and Tourmaline(October).

Birthstones Produced in Mines USA                         Idaho Blue Opals

Louisiana is the source of a unique variety of precious opal(October).

Birthstones Produced in Mines USA

               Vernon Parish Opal Mines, Louisiana

Maine The first commercial gemstone mine in the United States that was operated by miners who were not Native Americans was at Mount Mica, Maine. Deposits of western Maine have produced many varieties of tourmaline, aquamarine( March) and amethyst (February).Birthstones Produced in Mines USA


                  Royal Blue  Aquamarine  Songo Pond Maine


Montana’s most popular gemstone product is sapphire. Yogo Gulch sapphires have been famous for over 100 years, and the production of sapphires in Montana continues today. They occur in a wide range of colors which include blue, blue-green, green, pink, pale red, purple, yellow, and orange (colors often produced by heat treatment).


Birthstones Produced in Mines USA                      Yogo  Gulch Sapphire


A variety of Birthstones Produced in Mines USA have been found in Nevada, and the state is well-known for its opal. After Australia, some of the finest black opals(October) in the world come from Virgin Valley, Nevada. The specimen shown here is a 9-millimeter faceted yellow fire opal of about 1.79 carats, cut from rough produced in Nevada



                                       Virgin Valley Opal Nevada

North Carolina Gem materials found in North Carolina include aquamarine(March), Citrine(November), Emerald (May), garnet (January), Moonstone(June), Ruby(July), Sapphire(September), Topaz( November ), and Tourmaline (October). There are even a few places where you can find gold.

Birthstones Produced in Mines USA

Go Gem Mining at Emerald Village North Carolina

Oregon produces several other gem materials including the famous “thunderegg,” a type of geode that is ugly on the outside but often filled with beautiful chalcedony, opal Birthstones Produced in Mines USA  

Thunderegg Opal

Tennessee is well-known for a single gem material pearls (June). The American Pearl Company operates the only freshwater pearl farm in the United States. They produce cultured freshwater pearls from native river mussels. The coin-shaped pearls in the photo are from the American Pearl Company and display iridescent different  shades.Birthstones Produced in Mines USA

Utah numerous locations in the state has found Amethyst (February), garnet (January), and opals(October). Has the world’s only locality where beautiful purple Tiffany Stone can be found. There are 13 states with Birthstones Produced in Mines USA

 Purple Tiffany

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